Client: Snarfies (USA), pet treats
Scope: brand identity / packaging design 
Snarfies are premium 100% natural pet treats with one or two ingredients. All treats are made by hand on a family-owned farm in Maryland from locally sourced and sustainably produced ingredients. 
The goal of the project was to create a playful and humorous packaging identity, which would appeal to consumers on the emotional level. The main idea behind Snarfies is “dog testimonials”. The packaging features different dogs sharing fun opinions about the delicious treats. This playful and unconventional approach sets Snarfies apart from brands with a similar product, but a more traditional platform.  
Illustrative icons and fun typography highlight specific ingredients and features of the product, bringing in an element of fun at the same time. Bold colors are used to easily identify between flavors, while the minimal color scheme helps to attract attention to the most important elements.
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