Client: Medov Dom (Russia)
Scope: brand identity / packaging design / illustration 
Project goal: Packaging design for 6 new herbal teas in 2 types of boxes, square and round. The design for each flavor should reflect the region of Russia the tea mix is coming from.
Solution: A complex, but easily recognizable visual system combining fairy-tale illustrations and hand-drawn typography. Magical animal characters invite us to taste the teas collected in various regions of Russia. Colored stripes and elements differentiate the flavors, while the floral aspects hint at honey, which is both an ingredient of the product and the primary business of the manufacturer.
Idea / Art Direction: Maria Ponomareva
Design: Maria Ponomareva, Maria Mordvintseva-Keeler
Illustration: Vera Zvereva, Maria Ponomareva
3D Visualisation: Pavel Gubin
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