Scope: brand identity design, packaging design, web design, illustration
Baby Likes is a new brand of halal and organic baby food. Made from responsibly sourced ingredients, it offers a range of authentic, locally inspired recipes that will appeal to the markets within the UK, the US and East Asia.
Together with Chimp Marketing we worked with Baby Likes to bring their idea of a new baby food brand to life. It was super fun to design from scratch a unique brand identity that can be used across multiple media platforms.
Agency: Chimp Marketing | Client: Baby Likes (United Kingdom)
The Baby Likes website is a major part of the brand experience; this is where people get to know the fun and enchanting world of Baby Likes. Every part on the site contains a charming header image which features the brand avatar of Buddy the Baby Likes bear performing a different activity, such as cooking or answering phone calls. Fun typography and custom supporting illustrations make the information-packed website fun and friendly.
Agency: Chimp Marketing
Creative Direction, Project Management, UX: Gary Neville
Art Direction, Design, Illustration: Maria Mordvintseva-Keeler
 Account Management: Shafiq Shafi; Development: Juri Knjazev
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